Strawberry Condoms


Manforce Strawberry flavoured extra dotted condom allows you to have safe sex and enjoy the same with your partner to the optimum. The condom has a strawberry flavour & is pink in colour. It features extra dots on the outside to provide more sensuality. It tactfully side passes unwanted pregnancy while retaining the sexual pleasure. This strawberry flavoured contraceptive helps you to experience the erotica of oral sex by suppressing the uncanny smell of the latex. The dotted pattern adds a hint of sensual style. Due to passionate flavour these condoms spice up the entire session of the oral sex with a sweet tang of strawberry. It is popular for providing extra pleasure and excitement. The dotted style gives a fresh break from the monotony of the plain counterparts. This product for men is lubricated owing to the use of latex. This lubricant facilities pain-free intercourse. It also carefully negates the chances of debilitating vaginal blisters and other infections in the penis. It is manufactured under the guidelines of WHO, ISO and GMP, thus making it completely safe for use during the sexual intercourses. It also gives full proof protection against HIV and other STDs.
Package Per condom Price Savings Order
18 condoms
$ 1.27
$ 22.95$ 1.27
$ 13.05
12 condoms
$ 1.50
$ 17.95$ 1.50
$ 6.05
6 condoms
$ 1.82
$ 10.95$ 1.82
$ 1.05
3 condoms
$ 2.00
$ 6.00$ 2.00
Strawberry Condoms



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  • HIV / Herpes