Alfalfa tablets have a rich source of the B complex, Vitamins plus A, C, D, E, K and Biotin. It is also a rich source of proteins and minerals. It is an excellent nutrient for the whole body & alkaloids, helps improve blood circulation. The high dietary fibers help to reduce appetite, it helps in weight reduction. High calcium helps to protect against fat accumulation thus enables fat to improve energy levels. The tablets may help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
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  • Herbal Hills


  • Weiht Gain / High Cholesterol

Alfalfa Tablets For Healthy Well-Being

Herbal Hills is one of the most trusted and leading manufacturing, dealing and wholesaler brand that deals with herbal supplements and organic green food supplement. Basically, the green food is something that you can complement with your daily diet regimen to live a healthy life. Thus, to help you get 100% chemical free and natural green food supplement, Herbal Hills produces Organic alfalfa powder. Herbal Hills owns a herbal land in the Sahyadri mountains to provide a pristine and most suitable environment. This environment then allows the herbal hills to cultivate 100% chemical free and natural herbs such as organic alfalfa. Additionally, this classic cultivation technique is blending with modern product manufacturing science for added benefits. And so, it produces herbal supplements that are of optimum quality and matches the international market standards. all these herbal supplements are free from chemicals and toxins and thus are safe to consume.

Organic alfalfa powder is a type of green food supplement that helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This organic protein powder is a rich source of alkaloids, beta-carotene, folic acid, essential minerals etc. Organic alfalfa powder or alfalfa tablets also contain vitamins, protein, isoflavin, biotin etc. Additionally, this alfalfa protein powder posses various medicinal properties, which may contain immunity boosting, electrolyte balancing, alterant, digestive, blood purifying etc. This organic alfalfa tablets and alfalfa powder also exert antibacterial, analgesic, detoxicant, laxative etc. properties for a healthy lifestyle. With a rich nutrient content and medicinal properties, this organic alfalfa powder is known as ”Father of all Foods”. Additionally, this rich source of minerals and essential proteins is a great source of fulfilling the daily nutrient need. And thus, you can combine this organic alfalfa protein powder and alfalfa tablets with the daily regimen for optimum health benefits.

Each tablet contains:

Alfalfa(Medicago Sativa)500 mg


Take 2 tablets twice a day for maintaining good health. It should ideally be taken on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water